Logo-Who we are

We are a Medium-sized Family-Run business with approximately 25-30 employees.

The Bachmann company was founded by Johannes Bachmann.

Originally, Johannes Bachmann traded only in spruce logs, spruce pulp, beech firewood and coal.

Kurt Dorbaum, the son-in-law of Johannes Bachmann, took over the running of the business and managed it until 1985.

The third generation of the Bachmann company is running a sawmill business only. This is under the jurisdiction of Hans Dorbaum. He is assisted in the running of the sawmill etc. by his wife Margitta and his son Marc, who will take the family run business into the fourth generation.

In the 1980's, the Bachmann company and Trunkstyle Ltd., a UK based Timber Agent, formed a very close business relationship. Since then, the 2 companies have continued to work very closely together, and the 2 families have also formed a very good personal relationship. Timber from the Bachmann mill is shipped mainly to importers and merchants in the UK, and also to other customers around the world. It is shipped under the BaRo shipping mark. Made up from the Family names of the 2 companies Bachmann, and Rogers, the family who own Trunkstyle Ltd. It is a very unusual situation where a shipper and an agent have joined together to market worldwide under one name.

Nowadays, the sawmill cuts only beech hardwood -- 100%. Waney edged planking (un-edged lumber) is produced both on a vertical bandsaw and on a vertical framesaw. The planking is graded initially behind the bandsaw. There is a steaming plant where planking can be steamed according to customer colour requirements (light medium or dark steaming). This process has to be carried out immediately after conversion of the logs into planking.

The mill has a large yard, where the prime waney edged planking, steamed and un-steamed, is carefully stacked to be air dried in stick prior to being kilned. According to thickness and season it may air-dry for a few weeks or a few months. There is a batch of modern kilns controlled by computer.

After kiln drying, a second grading takes place and approximately 50% of the production, steamed or un-steamed boards, are edged trimmed on a Raiman machine. This produces straight, parallel edged boards.

In addition to producing planking, the sawmill also produces beech squares, cut from planking that has been either air-dried or kiln-dried prior to conversion. Soon, dimension stock will also be expanded in order to keep up with customers increased requirements.